Ana Patitú was born in 1982, in Argentina. She is currently living in Barcelona.
She studied Graphic Design at the prestigious University of Buenos Aires (a benchmark for design in Latin America) where, after being a student, she taught Drawing and Typography. While she was working as a designer, she was taking painting classes with Gabriel Glaiman and mural painting classes with Georgina Ciotti.

In 2016 she moved to Barcelona and continues to work as a freelance designer. It is in 2018 after a deep depression caused by being uprooted that she decides to dedicate herself to art professionally.

Ana begins painting portraits as a way to get closer to her loved ones, who live in Argentina, and continues to explore the human figure as a vehicle for emotions, delving into the different states of mind that she has gone through.

These bodies with defined muscles inhabit aquatic environments, referring to the relationship that the artist establishes with swimming as a therapeutic element in her daily life.

Ana has shown an individual exhibition at Casa Gracia (Barcelona) in 2019 and has participated in collective exhibitions at art Galleries like Esther Montoriol, Jordi Barnadas and Sara Caso, and also in the Art For Life Chicago (USA). Her work is also part of a good number of private collections in America, Europe and Australia.

I paint so as not to get depressed, I look for recreate the sensations I feel underwater, as a way to reconstruct that place, sometimes of security and serenity, and others of vulnerability and loneliness.
I compose my images with few elements to provide visual rest: a few colors and one or two figures, which are often the same character and her reflection or alter ego.

I use photography as a starting point, most of the time images that I take myself.
Before I start painting I study the proportion of the subject and draw a grid that helps me to place the face on the canvas. I like to work with acrylic paint, specially because it dries fast and this makes that my brush strokes do not lose spontaneity.

Private collections

South Africa.

EEUU: Brooklyn, New York, Cambridge, Chicago, Maryland, Miami, Texas.
México: Distrito Federal.
Argentina: Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Rosario, Villa La Angostura.

Austria: Vienna.
Spain: Barcelona, Cadaqués, Cuenca, Madrid, Santander, Tenerife.
France: Paris.
Greece: Glyfada.

Australia: Perth.


October 2019. Portrait Workshop
with Felicia Forte. La Galería Roja, Sevilla.

April-June 2019. Instalation workshop
with Irma Marco. Centre Cívic Convent Sant Agustí, Barcelona.

March-May 2018. Nihonga, japanese painting
with Mari Ito. Escola Massana, Barcelona.

2016 Portrait workshop.
with Sonia Esplugas. Galería Cromo, Barcelona.

2015 Mural Painting
with Georgina Ciotti. Buenos Aires.

2008 – 2010 Painting Academy
with Gabriel Glaiman. Buenos Aires.

2001 – 2006 Degree: Graphic Designer
Universidad de Buenos Aires.


– Drawing Teacher at University of Buenos Aires.
– Drawing Teacher. Workshop with Sonia Esplugas.


Next March 2024 AAF New York

2023 – AAF Singapore
In collaboration with Contempop Gallery NY


Jan 2024 – Plastik Wave
Galería Sara Caso, Madrid

Dec 2023 – Christmas
Galería Jordi Barnadas, Barcelona

Jan 2023 – XI Art sobre Paper.
Olimpic Museum, Barcelona.

December 2022 – DelicARTessen 21.
Galería Esther Montoriol, Barcelona.

December 2021 – DelicARTessen 20.
Galería Esther Montoriol, Barcelona.

November 2020 – DelicARTessen 19.
Galería Esther Montoriol, Barcelona.

October 2020 – Art for Life.
Chicago, EEUU.

May 2019 – Cruixent. Karikari Edition.
Valid World Hall. Barcelona.

Solo exhibitions

Next. May 2024 – Galería Sara Caso Madrid

December 2019 – Art de Nit.
Casa Gracia. Barcelona.