Pink Collection for summer vibes


“When I paint, I try to convey
the sensations I experience underwater.”

Collector Stories

The Swamp - Emily L.

“I bought this piece the day I made a very hard decision in my life. I had been eyeing the piece for weeks, for it symbolized for me that sometimes the best we can do is float above the swamp we’re in. We can find peace and calm and even beauty where we are. It also reminds me that struggling against the murkiness of the swamp will only make things messier.”

Breath - Eulàlia

“While strolling through Cadaqués, I entered an art gallery where the work was being exhibited and I completely fell in love. I saw myself reflected in it, feeling the pleasant sensation of swimming underwater and then coming up for air. It’s a piece that helps me ‘breathe’ in my day-to-day life.”

Stand-by Couple 03 - Nora

“My wife and I are so excited to have it in our home – we had been looking for art for a long time, and this piece is perfect. ♥️ We were even both swimmers! Looking forward to continuing to follow your work!”

Prints - Seamus & Eleanor

“We love your work. Swimming is religion for my wife, and now we both do cold water swimming. We are in the process of decorating our new home”